Is Your Car Ready For College?

Let’s face it; with all of the stresses of heading away to school, the last thing a college-bound student needs is car trouble.

CarMD shares money-saving car maintenance tips for college-bound drivers

And the last thing parents need is an expensive car repair surprise. That’s why the team at CarMD has put together these tips to help college students and their parents get that ride ready for college:

• Get a Tune-up – Before you pack up and head off to college, it’s a smart idea to schedule a tune-up for your car. It should include an oil change, fuel and air filter replacement, valve adjustment, spark plug inspection and replacement, tire rotation and balance, fluid top-off and visual inspection. If you have a trusted family mechanic or repair shop, it’s a good idea to ask if they have a referral to a shop in the town where you will be attending school. You’re better off following a scheduled maintenance program and spending $100 on a tune-up now than getting saddled with an expensive bill that costs more than the semester’s tuition later.

How Can The New CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™ Help You?

Written By: Kristin Brocoff

You may have seen CarMD in the news recently.  We just released the first annual CarMD®   Vehicle Health Index with more than 14 years’ worth of data on the most common failures,   repairs and costs affecting today’s drivers.  It’s very different from a consumer survey or vehicle rating.  This Index gets its data comes from hundreds of thousands of real-life repairs made by CarMD’s team of Automotive Service Excellence-certified mechanics.

CarMD has released this data to help drivers (and the people who service their cars) spot trends and make better-informed repair decisions.



Happy Earth Day! Tips To Help Keep Your Car Green

Written By: Kristin Brocoff

In celebration of Earth Day, CarMD® shares the following tips for how drivers can help be more environmentally conscious, particularly as gas prices remain at all-time highs and the price of gasoline hovers near $4 a gallon again:

Avoid unnecessary driving by planning your trips wisely, making efficient routes and stops, and buying online when you can.
Keep your car well maintained by following your vehicle’s service manual and getting regular oil changes.

April is for Taxes and Car Care

Written By: Kristin Brocoff

To quote Ieon C. Chen, CEO of Corp., “There are three certainties in life – death, taxes, and at some point in time, your car will break down.”  Every hard working American knows that April is tax time, but not everyone is aware that April is also Car Care Awareness month.  I thought it a fitting time to remind our CarMD family that just like preparing for taxes, it’s important to prepare a solid vehicle maintenance program to help avoid any inopportune break downs.

Here’s To Good Motoring and Maintenance!

By: Leon Kaplan, “The Motorman” KABC Radio

I’m pleased to pen this piece because

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I know that, like me, CarMD is committed to educating drivers about the importance of good maintenance.

Statistics show that people are keeping their cars longer than ever before. It’s certainly no secret that your car or truck is often the second – or even the first – biggest investment you make. To help extend the life of your vehicle and save you money over the long haul, it’s important to invest a little in maintenance along the way. Here are some maintenance tips to follow:

Caring For Your Car Helps Your Wallet, Your Safety and Your Environment

As many of you know April is Car Care Awareness month and April 21st 2011 is Earth Day. I was very happy when I was asked to write this column for CarMD to help people better understand the importance and the impact that taking care of your car has on your wallet, your safety and on the environment.

Your Wallet

In these economic times everyone is keeping an eye on the bottom line. Gas prices are approaching record highs and not much relief is in sight. Making sure that your vehicle is well maintained helps your vehicle run more efficiently and more smoothly. I can see your eyes rolling, but consider these simple tips which are easy to implement and will definitely help save you money at the pump. Of course everyone’s situation is different, but implementing these simple changes could save you thousands of dollar – or more – over the course of a year.

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